Affordable Amenities

Partner: Mike Keeton with Affordable Amenities

HIRE A PROFESSIONAL!  Our installers are Nationally Certified.  Let us help you with your options of turning you from a visitor into a customer.  We are commercially insured for full protection.  We work with over 50 builders in the Midstate area. We have built  a business of leaders in this industry and have a great reputation among our peers and municipalities. 

Services Provided:

* Burglary & Fire Detection Systems

* Cameras

* Built-in Vacuum Systems

* Home Automation Devices

* Intercom Systems

* Phone/Cable/Computer Networking

* Home Theater with Surround Sound Systems

* Door/Window Blinds, Treatments

* Attic Fans

* Organized Closet Shelving

* Bath accessories and more

 Get Totally Taken Care of TODAY:  MIKE KEETON  816-365-5818